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Christiano Van Zeller

Christiano Van Zeller
Federation of Douro Farmers

Online Profile

Cristiano van Zeller, born on the 18th November 1958, studied Civil Engeneering and started his wine life as a member of the Board at his family Port company of Quinta do Noval (which incorporated also Van Zellers & Co.) in 1981. Cristiano became CEO and Chairman of the Board in the mid 1980s until the family sold Quinta do Noval in 1993. Having left Quinta do Noval six months after the sale to Axa, Cristiano started developing, with the respective families, two independent projects in the Douro: Quinta do Crasto (with the Roquette family, between 1994 and 2000) and Quinta do Vallado (with the Ferreira family, between 1997 and 2007). He has also a couple of small projects in Spain: producing Sherry, with La Gitana (Vinícola Hidalgo) and in Toro, producing Toro DO wines (Hacienda Terra d’Uro).

In 1996, Cristiano and his wife Joana bought, from Joana’s family, Quinta Vale D. Maria and started their own project producing Douro wines and Ports under the quinta name. In 2007, Cristiano recovered Van Zellers & Co. and its brands and started rebuilding the company stocks and fame, producing Ports and Douro wines.

In all these years, Cristiano has had severa responsibilities in different associations of the trade: Director, Vice-President and President of the Port Wine Shippers Association (between 1985 and 1991), Director of the Farmers Federation of Portugal (CAP – between 2005 and 2008) and currently as Chairman of the Federation of Douro Farmers. 

Currently Cristiano’s main activities are focused in his own companies of Quinta Vale D. Maria and Van Zellers & Co. And also his small Spanish projects.


3:30 PM
The wines of the Douro Valley: From Dream to Reality: an Adventure in the Oldest Demarcated Region of the World.

The long history of the Van Zeller family in the Douro valley begins as Port Wine shippers in 1780. We won't have a wine from 1780 in this seminar but we will include one from 1870, not a bad compromise.

Christiano Van Zeller
Federation of Douro Farmers
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