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Gloria Maroti Frazee

Gloria Maroti Frazee
Wine Spectator
Director of Video & Education

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Gloria Maroti Frazee, director of video & education for Wine Spectator, is a fine example of a wine consumer gone bad. (Yes, this is a cautionary tale...)

She fell in love with wine thanks to a bottle of Amarone, asking, "Really, this is just grapes?!" And then she joined a few wine tasting groups and was soon attending and hosting weekend-long educational tasting. Her first vacation in wine country ended up lasting six weeks instead of the planned two – and it wasn’t long before Gloria quit her job, sold her condo – and went to business school (Kellogg '97) so she could sequé into the wine biz. 

With an MBA in hand, she headed west and joined the marketing department at Gallo Winery. Gloria worked on brands ranging in production from 10,000 to 1.2 million cases and designed a nationally-implemented fine wine training program for sales representatives and waitstaff. 

After a couple years, Gloria moved back east to work at Wine Spectator, where she launched WineSpectator.com/school and now also oversees WineSpectator.com/video, posting a new, free video each week. 

Finally, Gloria leads tastings around the world for Wine Spectator. And this is possibly her favorite part of the job -- because wine is all about meeting people and sharing a good conversation.  


11:30 AM
Wine Spectator Presents: Wine 101, Taste Like a Pro

Explore grape varieties and wine styles while tasting wines from around the world. Learn the tasting techniques used by pros and build a wine appreciation framework that you will use for the rest of your life.

Gloria Maroti Frazee
Director of Video & Education
Wine Spectator

4:00 PM
Wine Spectator Presents: Hot List: Emerging Regions and Grapes

Because we're not drinking first-growth Bordeaux or top Napa Cabs on a daily basis...

Gloria Maroti Frazee
Director of Video & Education
Wine Spectator
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