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Kelly Armetta

Kelly Armetta
Executive Chef & F&B Director
Avenue One

Online Profile

Kelly Armetta, boasts an extensive resume within the culinary industry, bringing 35 years' experience to Avenue One, Hyatt Regency Boston's on_property restaurant, where he embraces a dual role as Executive Chef and F&B Director as well as assisting in the corporate roll for Hyatt Hotels with openings, product development and special events.

Establishing his love for food at a young age, Chef Armetta got his start in the restaurant business at a friend's family restaurant. It was there that the association of family and food merged for Armetta, who at the time, didn't realize that this passion for food was growing along with his culinary skills into a full blown career. After culinary school, Armetta ran kitchens across the hospitality industry, from exclusive country clubs to restaurants throughout New York and Massachusetts before finding a position at the prestigious Grand Hyatt New York. A member of the Hyatt family through and through, Chef continued his career at the Hyatt Regency in Greenwich, Ct; Hyatt Regency Cambridge, MA; and Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor along the way garnering a wealth of knowledge and experiences that he meticulously weaves into his regional specialties.

Also acting as the Culinary Ambassador to the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, a nonprofit for awareness of the benefits of eating seafood, Chef Armetta's philosophy is "Food and eating today represent a personal experience that is different from one person to another. My job as a professional chef is to balance the approach towards the diner's needs. Whether it's for business, nutrition, fun or celebration, the food that my team and I aspire to produce, is a creative and wholesome balance between fresh, expectant and interesting. Today, it is really important to understand the food we eat, its sources and the sustainability of our environment. It's not enough to be a good chef without regard to a product's heritage and its care. That's why I take a personal interest in the effects of harvesting local and sustainable meat, fish and produce".

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