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Seminar Notes - Island Creek Oysters and Cape Classics

The Seminar Wines:

The Wine Story: Carême Sparkling Vouvray 'Cuvée T’
The grapes for 'Cuvée T’ are outsourced from growers who are strategically selected by Vincent and operated by people he knows and trusts. He provides technical assistance to the vineyard owners throughout the year to ensure the level of quality he desires. From vines averaging 35 years of age, this wine offers aromas of citrus fruit and apple which seduce the senses, to an elegant, effervescent palate with a mouthwatering freshness and a racy acidity.


Situated in the heart of Vouvray, Vincent Carême is the mastermind of the young and dynamic Domaine Vincent Carême. The estate, overseen by Vincentê and his wife Tania, currently spans 37 acres with vineyard blocks spread over three villages: Vouvray, Vernou-sur-Brenne and Noizay. Most of the blocks are on steep slopes overlooking the Loire valley with two of them, Les Clos (an enclosed vineyard) and Le Peu Morier, vinified separately to express their unique terroirs. All of Domaine Vincent Carême’s wines have been certified organic from 2010 onwards by Ecocert in France.

Quick Description: NV Vincent Carême 'Cuvée T' dry bubbles from versatile Chenin Blanc. Would go really well with any oyster dish and match especially well with a deep fried or baked oysters Rockefeller style.


2015 Sauvignon
Located in Touraine, this minerally Sauvignon can cut through sweet flavors and serves as a counterbalance to the sauce mignonette often served with oysters.

In 1989 Paul Buisse purchased over 173 acres of vineyards in the Touraine appellation, located around the city of Tours and bordering the Loire River stretching from the Sologne region to the edge of Vienne and Anjou. Today the estate is run by owner and winemaker Pierre Chainier, whose family has been working in the wine trade since 1749. They were among the first in the area to practice sustainable farming. Wines are aged in cave dwellings which were carved into ancient tuffeau, a form of limestone, which maintains a constant temperature of 54°F year 'round. It is likely that the caves were initially excavated for the stone to restore nearby Loire castles.

Domaine Paul Buisse Touraine Sauvignon

Floral aromatics lead to a racy yet delicate palate which is fruit forward with bright acidity and a seamless finish. Ideal for appetizers, this crisp, fresh Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect wine to open your palate, serving as a great match for soft cheeses, specifically goat cheese which is a specialty of the Loire region, summertime salads, shellfish and seafood.

2015 Sancerre, 'LES ROI DES PIERRES',

This is a weightier, more complex Sauvignon, which can stand up well to meatier oysters.
Le Roi des Pierre’s Sancerre is crafted from vines grown on silex, the rarest soil type in the region, representing only 15% of the soil. Silex is composed of flint over a clay and limestone base and has proven to produce distinctive wines with an extraordinary ability to age. The Sancerre Rosé, which is 100% Pinot Noir, stems from chalky, clay soils, a combination of terres blanches and caillottes terroir. Le Roi des Pierres, means 'King of Stones' paying homage both to the Loire Valley’s decorated royal past and its unique terroir, particularly silex’s designation as 'the king of all stones'. Sancerre’s wines, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, represent a sense of place, reflecting the land and the history, easily transporting one to the hilltops of this spectacular appellation.

Le Roi des Pierres Sancerre

Intense aromas of grapefruit and tropical fruit on the nose give way to a mouthfeel which is both round and velvety. This powerful, smooth and fleshy wine is balanced by the natural acidity of the silex soils. Grapefruit and lychee notes back the long, luxurious finish.

2014 DOMAINE VRIGNAUD Le Champréaux Chablis

Is there a better pairing for any oyster than Chablis?
Domaine Vrignaud’s mission is to produce traditional Chablis that is illustrative of the terroir and crafted with as little intervention as possible—a departure from the more common industrial farming practices in the area. They firmly believe in respecting tradition and keeping an eye toward the future, not blindly using technology and chemicals. For Domaine Vrignaud this winegrowing and winemaking approach means understanding heritage, knowing every inch of one’s land and caring for it with an organic approach in order to preserve it for the future. The winery is Ecocert certified organic. They haven’t used fertilizers or chemicals in 18 years. Domaine Vrignaud, overseen by current proprietor, Giullaume Vrignaud, consists of 60 acres of vineyards which are situated in and around the village of Fontenayprès- Chablis. The Vrignaud family have been winegrowers for five generations in Chablis. The oldest vines on the domaine were planted in 1955.

Chablis Les Champréaux

Well integrated oak adds a textural depth that is revealed on a charming palate that exhibits notes of apricot, honey, mint and crushed flowers with a hint of vanilla. Elegant and perfectly balanced, Le Champréaux makes a great appertif, pairing well with a wide selection of flavors.

2012 CLOS DU GAIMONT La Monaco

A Demi-sec Vouvray pairs brilliantly with briny, more saline style oyster.
Clos du Gaimont is a parcel of the esteemed Clos de Nouys vineyard, situated on one plot of premium land in the heart of Vouvray. François Chainier, whose family has been working in wine since the mid-18th century, purchased Clos du Gaimont’s vineyards from a Bordeaux wine negotiant in 1997. The Chainier family have pioneered sustainable farming, among the first in the area to employ green  practices. Vineyards are maintained according to a sustainable agriculture philosophy, keeping the overall ecosystem in mind. The Chenin Blanc grapes are hand harvested, with great care taken in the handling from vineyard to cellar.

Clos du Gaimont Vouvray 'La Monaco' Demi-Sec

Aromas of ripe peach, apricot and acacia lead to a medium sweet palate, rich and concentrated, achieving a brilliant balance between sweetness and acidity. Serve chilled and enjoy with seafood and grilled meat.


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